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Battery Power Solutions Battery Life Saver Desulfator BLS-12/24-C

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Manufacturer / Brand
Battery Life Saver
Model / Part. No.BLS-12/24-C
Works with 12 and 24 volt battery systems and vehicles with multiple batteries. Can be installed permanently on a battery system. The system should be charged regularly. Similar to the BLS-12/24B, but comes with 3/8" eye rings for attachment to the battery terminals.

These electronic devices dissolve the lead sulfate crystals covering the battery’s plates, converting them back into the original elements. They use high frequency pulses to loosen and dissolve the sulfate. Battery Life Savers rejuvenate the sulfuric acid solution as well as the lead plates, and run constantly to keep the battery in optimum condition.

BLS-12/24-C is the same as the BLS-12/24-B, but has 5/16" lugs for attachment to battery.