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Manufacturer / Brand
Evergreen Solar
Length 1570mm
Width 953 mm
Depth 41 mm
Weight 40.1 lbs (18.23 kg)
Nominal Voltage 24 volts
Producing their own wafers, cells and modules, Evergreen assures that the highest quality components go into every one of their panels. And since they are made with String Ribbon technology, their panels take advantage of one of the newest, fastest-growing, most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes available in the world. Evergreen Solar is a fully integrated, independent company. Solar is their only business. Evergreen Solar's commitment to the environment is matched only by our commitment to our customers.

Advanced Technology with Promise for the Future

  • String Ribbon™ polycrystalline solar cells outperform thin films and achieve comparable performance to bulk crystalline technologies while using half as much silicon.
  • The proprietary cell fabrication process is among the most environmentally friendly in the business.

Predictable, Reliable, Long-Term Performance

  • Each module is individually tested to ensure field performance meets or exceeds specifications.
  • Solar cells are matched to reduce internal losses and the possibility of hot spots.
  • Industry standard EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) and Tedlar™ construction protects solar cells from mechanical and environmental stress.

Designed for Demanding Applications

  • Aluminum frame with double-wall construction on all four sides and no protruding screws offers greater mounting flexibility.
  • 1000V (TÜV) back skin for large or high voltage systems.
  • High packing density and white back skin for improved module efficiency.
  • Anti-reflective-coated glass for improved power output and energy production.
  • Sealed junction box never needs maintenance.
  • -2% tolerance on peak power rating.
  • Factory-installed wires, connectors and bypass diodes.
  • Environmentally-friendly bulk packaging.
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