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Evergreen Solar ES-180

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Manufacturer / Brand
Evergreen Solar
Peak power 180 watts
Peak power voltage 25,9 volts
Peak power current 6,95 amps
Open circuit voltage 32.6 volts
Short circuit current 7.78 amps
Max. system voltage 600 volts
Series fuse rating 15 amps
Length 61.8 (1570) inch (mm)
Width 37.5 (951) inch (mm)
Depth 1.6 (41) inch (mm)
Weight 40.1 (18.2) lbs (kg)
Evergreen ES modules utilize two parallel strings of 54 cells in series. They can be used for battery charging with an MPPT charge controller such as the OutBack MX-60, Apollo T-80 or the BlueSky series of charge controllers. Use up to 3 modules in series with the MX-60 or T-80 charge controller.



The ES Series feature high quality String Ribbon™ panels are made from Evergreen's Solar's revolutionary and patented String Ribbon wafer technology.  No other solar panels combine great performance and industry-leading environmental credentials with the ability to be installed on virtually any roof in almost any climate. Evergreen Solar modules are designed to deliver the best performance and dependability. These modules have one of the tightest power tolerances in the industry.

Features and Benefits

  - Field performance ratings up to 88.8%
  - Power tolerance -2 % for 180 & 190 W, -0 % for 195 W
  - Smallest carbon footprint of any manufacturer
  - Energy payback as short as 15 months
  - Type 3 MC® connectors
  - Double-walled, high strength frame
  - 5 year workmanship and 25 year power warranty
  - Compliant with UL 1703, IEC 61215 and Safety Class 2 standards 


The typical relative reduction of module efficiency at an irradiance of 200W/m2 in relation to 1000W/m2 both at 25°C cell temperature and spectrum AM 1.5 is 0%.

  Pmp (%/ ºC) -0.49
  Vmp (%/ ºC) -0.47
  Imp (%/ ºC) -0.02
  Voc (%/ ºC) -0.34
  Isc (%/ ºC) 0.06

This product is constructed with 108 poly-crystalline silicon solar cells, anti-reflective tempered solar glass, EVA encapsulant, polymer back-skin and a double-walled anodized aluminum frame.

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