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FlowLight Booster Pump Low flow 24V

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Wt. (lbs) 15
Voltage 24 VDC
Max. gpm 3.4
The standard Flowlight model has the highest flow. Use only where suction lift is less than 10 feet. The low flow model has a higher pressure capacity and should be used where suction lift is greater than 10 feet or where suction pipe is less than 1" inside diameter. Maximum suction lift is 20 feet at sea level for low flow model; subtract 1 foot per 1000 feet in elevation. Use the 120 VAC pump where DC wiring is not feasible, like long wire runs. It has similar high efficiency and low starting surge. It can run on less than a 500 watt inverter. Dimensions: 16.5" in length.

NOTE: Pumps listed 12 or 24 volts may be used with batteries or array-direct. The 36PV/48B pumps can be run PV-direct with a 36V array or from a 48V battery bank. For 120VAC operation order the desired pump and the slowpump AC option.
1-year warranty.
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