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Fronius DATACOM Power Supply

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Model / Part. No.43,0001,1211
SolarNet is the basis for unlimited, individual application of DATCOM components. SolarNet is a data network used to exchange data between several FRONIUS IG or Fronius IG Plus devices and DATCOM components.

The following maximum number of DATCOM components and inverters can be connected to a total system (as of May 2008):
- 100 Fronius IG or Fronius IG Plus series inverters (a combination of
different types is possible, e.g. IG 15 and IG 60 with an internal and
external housing, or IG Plus 100)
- 1 Datalogger pro or easy card / box or Datalogger Web
- 10 sensor cards / boxes
- 10 public display cards / boxes
- 1 interface card / box
- 200 string controls
However, the system is designed to be easily upgradeable as new DATCOM components are developed.