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GNB Absolyte GP Battery 6-90G15, 700Ah

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Manufacturer / Brand
Model / Part. No.6-90G15
Length 39.69 inch
Width 8.59 inch
Wt. (lbs) 637
Capacity (Ah) 100-hr rate-20-hr rate:855-700
Height 23.56
The Absolyte battery was developed by GNB, in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratories, as the first VRLA, large capacity, deep cycle battery for photovoltaic applications. This design provides for extended partial state-of-charge operation and allows for deep discharge recovery. Their wide band of temperature operation, from -40C (-40F) to +50C (122F), retains more capacity in cold temperatures than traditional flooded batteries. Life expectancy in float conditions is 20 years @ 25C (77F) with proper charging. Life expectancy in cycling conditions is1200 cycles to 80% DOD with proper charging. Sealed cells with absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators eliminate the need for periodic water additions as found in flooded cells. Periodic visual inspections, voltage readings, and connection retorquing are all that is required.

Protective steel tray housings offer maximum installation flexibility and the Absolute IIP is qualified to stack horizontally up to eight high for use in 1997 UBC/2001 CBC Seismic Zone IV (at or below grade). This provides for high capacity in a small footprint and frees up floor space for other equipment; and because they are sealed, they do not require a separate battery room.

They are IEC 896, BS 6290, UL Recognized, ISO 9001:2000, designed to meet Telcordia SR4228 and GR-63-CORE (NEBS).