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Magnum MMS1012-G Inverter

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Manufacturer / Brand
Magnum Energy
Model / Part. No.MMS1012-G
Pure Sine Wave 1000 Watt, 12V Inverter/50 Amp PFC Charger 1000 Watt, 12V Inverter/50 Amp PFC Charger, with GFCI and 3 ft. AC cord

The MMS1012-G model comes with a flexible cord on the AC input and a GFCI outlet on the output for easy connection to your AC appliances; ready to use after connecting to your batteries. All other MMS Series models are designed to be hardwired into the elctrical system and do not include the AC cord or GFCI outlet.

The MMS Series from Magnum Energy - a pure sinewave inverter providing a cost effective solution for those with smaller power needs in mobile applications. Versatile, easy-to-use, and lightweight, the MMS Series provides a reliable base for your energy system.