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Mitsubishi Solar PV-MF120EC3

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Manufacturer / Brand
Mitsubishi Solar
Peak power 120 watts
Peak power voltage 17.6 volts
Peak power current 6.84 amps
Open circuit voltage 22 volts
Short circuit current 7.36 amps
Max. system voltage 600 volts
Series fuse rating 15 amps
Length 56.1 (1425) inch (mm)
Width 25.4 (646) inch (mm)
Depth 2.2 (56) inch (mm)
Weight 25.4 (11.5) lbs (kg)
Frame color clear
Mitsubishi has applied leading-edge technologies from its space-related applications to terrestrial systems to create high-performance photovoltaic power-generation systems for an astonishing range of applications. Mitsubishi Electric successfully produced the first cells in Japan that do not require solder coatings. This was a milestone in the development of environmentally friendly composite materials and manufacturing processes for the silver electrodes used on the surfaces of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation offers a legacy of innovation and achievement that goes all the way back to its founding in 1921.
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