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Manufacturer / Brand
Model / Part. No.DS210-24DC
Module watts 150 - 240 watts
AC output volts 240VAC
The DS210-24DC surge protector is designed to protect equipment connected to DC (and AC) power supplies from lightning surges. It is based on varistors matched to the network voltage (12, 24, 48, 75, 95,110 and 130Vdc): the varistors have thermal disconnection devices to control any end-of-life case. A green LED that indicates "Power On" when lit and "Disconnection" when off, facilitates easy maintenance. In addition, the "surge protection" module is pluggable to make replacement simple and rapid

     The surge protection devices of the  DS210 series are excellent for the protection of photovoltaic systems. 


Technical data Value Unit
Rated voltage (Un) 24 V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc) 15 V AC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc) 30 V DC
Nominal discharge current (8 / 20) microseconds (In) 1 kA
Max discharge current (8 / 20) microseconds (Imax) 2 kA
Protection level (8 / 20) microseconds (Up) 105 V
Operating current (Ic) <1 mA
Secondary current (If) no risk  
Line follow current extinguishing capability (Ifi) infinite  
Response time (tA) <25 ns
Short circuit (Ip) 10 kA
Up fuse max. 10 A (gL / gG)
Device is defective Green LED off  
Temperature -40 To +85 ° C
Cross section PE: 2.5 to 25 mm ²
Cross section L / N: 1.5 to 10 mm ²
Protection IP20  
Mounting on 35mm DIN rail  
Installation dimensions 1 TE
Housing Material PEI thermoplastic UL 94-5VA  
DIN EN 61643-11 Germany Type 3  
IEC 61643-1 International SPD Class III  
EN 61643-11 Europe SPD Class III  
UL 1449 ed.2 USA TVSS  
Article Number 45 650  
Item Title DS210-24DC