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SMA Smartformater for Sunny Island 120/240 Vac

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Manufacturer / Brand
Model / Part. No.SI-TB-BOX-10
Weight 123 lbs
CEC efficiency 98.8%
Dimensions H x W x D 610 x 610 x 235 mm
The Smartformer is the complete solution for off-grid and backup plants of up to seven kilowatts. At the same time, it acts as a AC distributor and a 120/240-volt autotransformer.

The transformer provides step-up and step-down options to supply loads with 120 V and 240 V using a Sunny Island and a Sunny Boy – with a high level of efficiency over the entire power spectrum. Thanks to the pre-wired bypass function, the PV plant can be bridged without problems via a robust switch for maintenance work. The optimized transformer overload protection and a load-shedding contactor provide extra protection to the system. The Smartformer makes the stand-alone power supply simple and reliable.

General data

Number of phases: Split-Phase
Rated voltage: 120 / 240 Vac
AC voltage range between L1 and N: 102 V – 132 V
AC voltage range between L1 and L2: 204 V – 264 V
Rated frequency: 60 Hz
Self-consumption (no-load operation): 19 W
Rated power transformer¹: 3.4 kVA
Transformer AC power for 30 min¹: 4.4 kVA
Transformer AC power for 1 min¹: 8.8 kVA
Hookup access: Knockout top: 2x 3/4", 2x 1", 2x 1 1/4" unten 5x 3/4", 3x 1", 3x 1 1/4"

Connections for Sunny Island

Max. number and nominal voltage of Sunny Island: 1 x 120 V (L1, N)
Rated power: 5.8 kW
Current at rated values: 48 A
Fuses: 1

PV plant connections

Number of connections / rated voltage: 1 x 240 V (L1, L2.N)
Rated power: 9.6 kW
AC power in parallel grid operation: 6 kW
AC current at rated values: 40 A
Fuses: 2 

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