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SMA Sunny Beam Bluetooth Piggyback card

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The SMA Sunny Beam Bluetooth Piggy-Back Communication Card / Module works with Sunny Boy Inverter & Sunny Mini Central systems, and communicates with the Sunny Beam via wireless bluetooth technology from your SMA Sunny Beam inverter. Install one card per inverter, and your Sunny Beam will be able to communicate via Bluetooth technology with up to 12 inverters.

The SMA Bluetooth Piggy-Back radio technology is compatible with all Bluetooth devices from SMA. The following SMA inverters can be retrofitted with the SMA Bluetooth Communication Card:

- All Sunny Boys of type SB (with piggy-slot)

- All Sunny Boys-type SWR, except for 1500 and SWR SWR 2000

- All Sunny Mini Central type SMC