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SMA Sunny Island 5048U Inverter

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Manufacturer / Brand
Model / Part. No.SI5048U
Weight 139 lbs
CEC efficiency 95.0%
Dimensions H x W x D 18.4 x 24.1 x 9.3
Watts 5000 watts
Battery voltage 48 VDC
AC out volts/hertz 120v/60Hz
No load draw 25 Watts
Charger amps 120
Peak AC surge 150A
SMA’s next generation of Sunny Island inverters combines the most advanced technology used in our Sunny Boys with an outstanding feature set for off-grid PV applications. The new Sunny Island 5048U has incredible surge capabilities and excellent AC output characteristics. Each unit provides a very clean and stable 120 VAC output. Multiple units can be used together for single-phase, splitphase or three-phase applications. The Sunny Island also features the unique ability to facilitate AC coupling of all power generation sources. This makes for efficient use of available AC power and greatly simplifies system expansion.

At night or when power production is low and load use is high, the Sunny Island provides power from the battery bank.
In the morning, the batteries are recharged and the cycle begins anew until the grid power returns. If the grid-tie inverter has a 240
VAC output, a backup system will require two Sunny Island inverters or one inverter and an autotransformer.

The Sunny Island 5048U also helps to optimize the overall life of the batteries through its advanced battery management system. The Sunny Island can also be utilized as a back-up system in gridtied applications. Its seamless transfer allows existing Sunny Boy inverters to be utilized during daytime grid outages. The Sunny Island 5048U is an extremely robust and sophisticated unit providing both off-grid and backup users with the highest quality available in the industry today. 

    * Certified to the new UL 1741 / UL 1998 standards
    * 5-year warranty
    * Suitable for systems from 3 kW to 26 kW
    * AC coupling of all energy sources
    * DC coupling with optional equipment
    * 1, 3 and split-phase, connectable in parallel
    * Excellent overload characteristics for motor starting
    * Long battery service life due to optimum battery management system
    * Memory card

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