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SMA Windy Boy Protection Box 500

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Manufacturer / Brand
Model / Part. No.WBP-Box 500-11
Weight 11 lbs
CEC efficiency 99.5%
Dimensions H x W x D 220 x 280 x 130 mm
Windy Boy protection box suitable for WB 3300, WB 3800, WB 3600TL, WB 5000TL with integrated rectifier

The Windy Boy Protection Box can do it all: It protects the inverter from excess voltage by feeding excess generator voltage to a load resistance, which slows down the turbine. In addition, the Box features a three-phase rectifier. It is delivered as a turnkey unit and can be used with nearly all types of arrays made by different manufacturers in various power classes. The box is thus suited for use with wind plants as well as for other permanent magnet generators such as small water power plants and CHP systems.

PV array connection

Quantity: 1 x three-phase
AC voltage: 3 x 0 V – 500 V
AC current: 3 x 0 A – 11,5 A
Array frequency: 0 Hz – 400 Hz
Nominal power: 3 kW – 5 kW

Windy Boy connection

Quantity: 3
Voltage limitation (DC): 500 V
Total power: 5 kW

Load resistance connection

Quantity: 1
Nominal voltage (DC): 500 V
Continuous power: 5