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SNAPFan DC Powered Venturi Exhaust Fans 12

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Manufacturer / Brand
Appropriate Power
Model / Part. No.12-SF
Wt. (lbs) 14
Blade diameter 12
Frame dimensions 17.5
@ 12 VDC Amps-CFM 0.4-620
@ 24 VDC Amps- CFM 1.3-1200
@32 VDC Amps-CFM 2.0 -1400
These fans have a 3-wing polypropylene fiberglass blade mounted in a square injection mounded fiberglass venturi frame for easy mounting and long life. The high efficiency DC motor has a 5000 hour life at 32 VDC and longer at lower voltage. This new design makes the quiet while moving more air with less power. Fans can come with an inside guard. Additional pricing applies. Call for pricing.

They can be used on existing battery systems or with other module combinations with up to 40 VDC open circuit voltage. 1-year warranty.
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