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Solar-Log1000, 1-100 inverters

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Model / Part. No.211001
Solar-Log1000 supports up to 100 inverters and features a 3.5" x 2" touch screen display that allows configuration without a computer. It also acts as a public display for daily, monthly, yearly and total yields in a graphical output. The Solar-Log1000 offers an additional RS-485 port along with USB, relay and alarm ports, and RS-232 port for GPRS and analog modems.

Solar-Log is a cost-effective, multi-vendor monitoring system for photovoltaic systems - supporting over 40 brands of inverter manufacturers.

Three models provide accurate and economical equipment for monitoring any size installation, from smaller residential systems to large-scale commercial systems with central inverters.

Solar-Log WEB adds on-line monitoring and is available in three functional levels: The basic free version has the key functions that suits the private plant owner; the Solar-Log WEB Commercial and Solar-Log WEB Server editions, specifically designed for installation engineers and resellers, provide a practical billing feature as well as an extensive project management system.