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SPB Piston Pump SPB 2.5-23C(2 HP Triplex Piston Booster Pump)

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SunPumps SPB series triplex piston booster pumps are high quality, positive displacement piston pumps designed for medium to high heads where flow rates are low to medium but reliability is a must. They are surface-mounted pumps designed to pump from cisterns, lakes, rivers or above-ground tanks. They have good suction lift capability, up to 15 feet at sea level. Sunpumps SPB series triplex pump systems come as a complete package including the pump, motor, mounting base, pulleys, geared belt and belt guard.

These pumps are custom built and tested for your specific application. SunPumps have pumps in operation boosting water as high as 2300 feet vertically. Call for design help.
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