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Xantrex GT2.8 Inverter

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Manufacturer / Brand
Model / Part. No.GT2.8
Maximum AC output watts 2700W / 2800W
Maximum AC output amps 208V / 240V 13.0A / 11.7A
Maximum AC output overcurrent protection 20A
Maximum DC array amps 208W / 240W 14.9A / 15.4A
MPPT DC output voltage range 195-550VDC
Maximum DC voltage 600 volts
CEC efficiency 208/240 94.5% / 95%
Xantrex GT Series grid-tie solar inverters have an integrated, lockable 600-volt PV/utility disconnect switch which may eliminate the need for external disconnects in some jurisdictions. A split-chassis design keeps the wiring box separate from the inverter, allowing for easy access and spacing to the AC and DC string terminals and eliminating exposed wiring during inverter installation and removal. The wiring box includes eight 3/4-inch knockouts and easy access DC and AC terminal blocks that accept wire sizes from #14 to #6 AWG.

The display provides inverter power, daily and lifetime energy production, PV array voltage and current, utility voltage and frequency, time online “selling” today, fault messages, and two installer-customizable screens. Tapping a finger close to the LCD activates the backlight display.
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